Hurricane Harvey - August 2017

Hurrican Harvey began as Tropical Storm Harvey over the Gulf of Mexico before stengthening into a Category 4 storm and making landfall just before 10pm on Friday, August 25.  Winds of up to 130 miles per hour and torrential rain pushed inland just northeast of Corpus Christi, TX before moving offshore and then making landfall again at Copano Bay as a Category 3 hurricane. 

The coastline of Texas from Corpus Christi to Houston and inland areas including Austin and San Antonio were all directly affected by the powerful storms. Additionally, areas of Louisiana and even locations farther east are expecting significant flooding as a result of Harvey.

Check back here for onging updates related to Disaster Relief Teams from Ohio, and visit NAMB for ongoing national updates.

Hurricane Harvey just before Texas landfall.
Photo: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2017), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO