DR Childcare Team Making a Difference in Dallas

DR Childcare Team Making a Difference in Dallas

A couple of words from the Child Care team serving in Dallas, including an amazing opportunity:

The team is doing well.  The bus is in for repairs so the air conditioning will be working for the return trip.

It is warm to hot there in the center (Texas Baptist Men’s – Dixon Mission Equipping Center.)  On top of that, the toilets were plugged up and had to be closed for a while.  Both the inside and outside units were down for a period of time.  I believe some Baptists learned to dance today.

God provided this team with an amazing opportunity to show His Love today.  A man brought his two-month old son to the child care registration table.  It was obvious to the volunteer staffing the table that the man needed to leave his child and have some time to refocus and gather his thoughts.  He was very, very reluctant to leave his boy with strangers.  He and the child seemed inseparable.  After a while of discussing the ministry and what our team would do, the man explained his reluctance: his wife did not survive the hurricane and their son is all he had left! 

One of the volunteers working directly with the children came out to meet with the father and son.  She quickly built a friendly rapport with the family and promised to be the only person to care for the man’s child.  The volunteer was able to develop enough of a relationship with the family that the father made the decision to leave his son in her care. What this man saw today is God’s love - His love expressed through faithful Disaster Relief volunteers who have chosen to serve others.

I double dog dare you to tell that story without shedding a tear!

No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.

1 John 4:12 (ESV)
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