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Storms and Tornados in Ohio - May 2019

In the late hours of Memorial Day May 27, 2019 an extremely strong storm system pushed through Ohio. As daylight came Tuesday morning, communities across the state were left reeling as they began coming to terms with the enormous scope of the destruction left in the storm's wake.  Although only one life has been lost so far, there have been numerous injuries in addition to substantial property damage and an immense cleanup need.

Nebraska Floods - March 2019

The state of Nebraska experienced heavy flooding mid-March.  Heavy rains mixed with dense snow pack resulted in historic flood levels as levies and dams across the region was overwhelmed.

The town of Fremont, located just 28 miles from Omaha, saw extensive road closures due to rapidly rising water levels. U.S. Highway 275 that runs between Fremont and Omaha was closed.  Also, U.S. Highway 77 that runs north and south of the city had been closed, and U.S. Highway 30 running east and west of the city was closed.

Hurricane Michael October 2018

On the heels of Florence, Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhand on October 10.  Hurricane Michael was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall.  It was the strongest storm on record in the Florida Panhandle and was the fourth-strongest landfalling hurricane in the United States, in terms of wind speed.

New SCBgO Podcast Celebrates Mission Ohio

[row different_values="0"] [col different_values="0" desktop="8"] [html different_values="0" format="ckeditor"]Starting today people throughout Ohio will be tuning in to a brand new Podcast called SCBgO. This engaging resource is being made available through iTunes, Google Podcasts, a dedicated website, and more (links available at the bottom of this article.) Contributors to SCBgO are hoping to encourage listeners to become even more active in spreading the Good News of Jesus. The Podcast will feature conversations with pastors and church leaders around Ohio - focusing on how the Church can engage the people of Ohio and others to build God's Kingdom.Do you want to know what's happening in the churches of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio? Do you want to be encouraged for possible ministry opportunities you might have? Then this podcast is for you - whether you are a member of the church or a leader of the church. Ryan Strother, pastor of Central Baptist Church in Marion, has been travelling around the state to capture important interviews and stories to share. The first three podcast episodes are already available with several more in planning and development. Listeners will likely already be familiar with SCBgO contibutor David Starry (Current SCBO president.)  In addition, Peyton Hill from Highland Baptist Church as well as Kevin and Julie Cody, of H2O, have generously shared their stories and insights with Ryan in other episodes available today. Podcast listeners and subscribers can expect new content to be made available on a regular basis.To find out more and listen today, follow the links below:[/html] [col style_margin_top="32" different_values="0"] [button text="Listen on iTunes" link="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/scbgo-podcast/id1434728178?mt=2&ls=1" color_type="0" color="btn-default" different_values="0" style_border_radius="8" style_border_width="1" style_border_style="solid" style_border_color="aaaaaa"] [/button] [button text="Visit Dedicated Webpage" link="http://reachohio.blubrry.net/" color_type="0" color="btn-default" different_values="0" style_border_radius="8" style_border_width="1" style_border_style="solid" style_border_color="aaaaaa"] [/button] [col style_margin_top="24" different_values="0"] [html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]Right click to copy and paste this link into your favorite podcast app:http://reachohio.blubrry.net/feed/podcast/[/html] [/col] [/col] [/col] [col desktop="4" different_values="0" text_align="center"] [image different_values="0" hover="0" image_style="story_image" fid="12756"] [/image] [col style_padding_top="24" different_values="0" desktop="8" wide="8"] [image fid="12761" hover="0" different_values="0"] [/image] [html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]Ryan Strother[/html] [/col] [/col] [/row]