Church Planting

The Church Planting Resource Group seeks to aid in fulfilling the vision of Mission Ohio. We exist to resource those who feel called to start new Southern Baptist Churches in Ohio. 

We seek to engage (Through church planting) our diverse population of African Americans, Anglos, Hispanic and the various other Ethnic groups in Ohio. This may be in the form of a new plant, an existing church that wishes to join the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio, or a church in its first few years.

We also foster the work among Ohio African American, Hispanic, and other SBC language churches.

It is estimated that over 5,000,000 people in Ohio have no personal relationship with Jesus.

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The CPR group promotes prayer, training, sponsor church and sending church participation.

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  • Responding to the call
  • Praying about the call
  • Contacting area Associational Missionary/Church Planter Catalyst or CPR group.
  • In person pre-assessment
  • Online signup Send North America
  • Online complete application
  • Online complete assessments (3)
  • In person post-assessment

Church Planting sponsors 2 events every year.  Follow the links below to find out more:

  Church Planters Forum   New Beginnings Banquet