Church Revitalization

Church Revitalization is the process of leading a church that is plateaued or declining back to a healthy state. It is the restoring of a church's purpose of glorifying God & mission to reach the lost in their community. Only the Holy Spirit can revitalize a congregation, but He can use others to help in the process.

According to the Annual Church Profile, more than 70% of Ohio congregations have plateaued or declined in the past 5 years.


This is usually a time to listen to your story & creation of an initial profile. We will discuss where you are now & tools to assist in determining your best path forward.


We use a few tools to determine your health as a leader & as a church.  Once the results are received, we provide recommendations for you to make the greatest Kingdom impact.


Once results are processed, we meet with your leadership teasm to discuss recommendations & provide best practices to communicate what has been discovered & the need to choose a course of action.


A course of action is determined & approved according to your constitution. Course of action may include revitalization, replanting, renewal, repurposing, merging, adoption, and other options.


You will receive coaching based on the course of action decided. Other practitioners may come alongside for a determined time of encouragement, guidance, and assistance.


Another set of tools will be used to determine your progress, celebrate your victories, and challenge you to join us in assisting other congregations back to health & vitality.