DR Volunteers Return Home from Texas

DR Volunteers Return Home from Texas

Volunteers reach souls for Christ!

Disaster Relief volunteers from Ohio served a total of fourteen days, including travel, in Dallas, Texas, caring for children.  891 children were cared for during the time the child care center was open in the Dallas Convention Center.  While there, Ohio volunteers were responsible for sharing Christ in word and deed.  A total of 17 souls were added to the Kingdom of God as a result of their ministry.

The team returned safely and are now serving in their home churches in various ministries from being a pastor to leading a Bible study in a small group.  Some are still even caring for children.  The ministry of these volunteers are first at home then at the disaster site and then again back home.  They become much stronger in their home church ministry after serving in a disaster response.  They truly want and do serve the Lord as He has provided for them to do so.

The team experienced such downturns as sleeping within two feet of the volunteer on the next air mattress, traveling without air conditioning, walking long distances for themselves and with children to get to a port-a-potty (were also encouraged to drink plenty of water), eating food they may not care for, catching a slight dose of a cold (flu), hot in one part of the center and cool in another, and the luggage trailer needed refitting with a new set of tires. 

On the brighter side, new friends were made, souls were saved, families were shown the Love of God in the midst of the storm, and in the end, Christ was Glorified!

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