Storms and Tornados in Ohio - May 2019

In the late hours of Memorial Day May 27, 2019 an extremely strong storm system pushed through Ohio. As daylight came Tuesday morning, communities across the state were left reeling as they began coming to terms with the enormous scope of the destruction left in the storm's wake.  Although only one life has been lost so far, there have been numerous injuries in addition to substantial property damage and an immense cleanup need.

Disaster Relief is moving forward with preparing teams for readiness once the assessors complete their work in communities like Dayton, Circleville and Celina.  At this time it appears the two major needs we will address are chainsaw teams and feeding units.  If you have been following the news on the recent storms you are aware they have declared an F-3 tornado passed through Dayton.  The needs are great.  Several of our churches in the affected communities are already responding.  We want to provide you a means to respond individually or through your church to meet the many needs with a Christ-like witness.  As you donate through the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio you can know that every dollar will be used to bring relief and offer a gospel witness to those whom we serve.

It is still early, and we expect the recovery will take many days and weeks.  However, we what to be prepared to do all we can through the entire recovery.  Donations are being received (Use this link to give).  As we have opportunity, we will keep you updated  on the progress. 

Most importantly we encourage you to pray.  So many are affected, but local churches are already presenting the message of Hope found in Christ.  Together we maximize our efforts to bring about lasting change.  Let us know how we can help you bring help to those in need. 

Ohio Disaster Relief Volunteers (May 30, 2019)

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)