Bible Teaching/Leadership Resource Group

A Heart For Leaders… encouraging and equipping leaders for Great Commission churches. 2 Timothy 2:2
The fundamental strategy for the Bible Teaching/Leadership Resource Group is to:

   - Build Relationships
   - Provide Quick Responses
   - Share Resources

   - Conduct Prompt Research
   - Reproduce Leaders

Worship 4:24 is a two-day conference designed to equip and encourage worship leaders, pastors, musicians, bands, praise teams, choirs and tech crews to be effective leaders in their ministries. We hope to introduce you and your teams to new and fresh music, learn about writing and publishing worship songs, and equip you with techniques for working with your worship team.

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Every year brings a new LifeWay VBS theme - including new music, new decorations, new activities & crafts, and a whole lot more. Stay in the loop and keep your volunteers and staff trained at one of the SCBO VBS events. The Director's Preview in November is your first chance to see what's coming for the next year. Then bring the whole team to the Vacation Bible School Institute in March where you get all supplies, training, and excitement you need to power up a successful event at your church. Plus, our team will probably be in your neck of the woods sometime this spring for one of the regional VBS Clinics. So if you are gearing up to reach the kids in your community, or you just can't get enough Vacation Bible School excitement, we will be seeing you soon!!

Because of COVID-19 we have created Online VBS Training this year!

Is your church struggling in the area of Sunday School, Small Group, or Worship? Or do you just need some fresh ideas? The Bible Teaching / Leadership Resource Group is able to provide customized training in the these areas in order to meet your church’s specific needs. This training is structured to provide a means for your leaders to be effective in their areas of service. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Super Summer is an intense week of Bible learning and leadership development for a select group of potential leaders. This event is designed for any sized church whether you have 1-100 youth.

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Bible Teaching-Leadership