Transformational Leadership Model

The Transformational Leadership Model can be seen through the four different points surrounding this compass.

The first point is Personal Leadership which can involve things like:
 - Align Retreats
 - Pastor Networks
 - Coaching

The second point around the compass is Relational Leadership and involves:
 - Lead Like Jesus
 - The Coaching Leader

The third point is Team Leadership. This point involves:
 - Building Powerful Ministry Teams
 - Effective Meetings

The final point surrounding the compass is Missional Leadership. Missional Leadership involves:
 - Refocusing
- Transformational Church

All of these separate parts of the Leadership Model combine to form a catalyst for transformation in your church. Each part leads to the next in a fluid manner allowing the church to not only be transformed, but to become a church that will transform the world. Get involved with Transformational Leadership today!

Steve Hopkins

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Transformational leaders seek to empower and multiply. They think in terms of movements of God versus seasons of high attendance. Patience is critical. Courage to release and trust God is indispensible.
Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer
in 'Transformational Church'