Sunday School Training Event Partnership

Sunday School Training Event Partnership

It always amazes me as well as blesses me when I can partner with other state conventions that provide training, resources, and encouragement! This announcement is no exception! The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, (SBTC) is partnering with the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio (SCBO) to provide “Groups” training. This training will cover everything from age graded Sunday school, Evangelism, Discipleship, Family dynamics, etc. This conference will also be offered in Spanish. Visit the event page for more details!

The greatest blessing to this training is that it is FREE! You heard right, it’s free. Even if you cannot attend on the day of the event, your registration allows you to view this training through December 31, 2020.

All you need to do is to register and be sure to include an accurate email address and use the code “EQUIPSBTCfriends” and you will be exempt from the normal fee. It is critical to include an accurate email address as it will do three things.

1.     You will receive an email with the access to the event.

2.     Your email will serve as your ticket to access all 280 different sessions between August 8th and Dec. 31 of 2020.   So even if you are not able to attend the day of the event (August 8th), you can get training if you were registered.

3. is going to allow SBTC to send out a $10 Coupon to each registrant. 

This is going to be a tremendous blessing to your church! As churches begin to slowly start meeting again, this is a great time for us to remind them of the importance of the small groups and Sunday School classes in their church. I believe groups have never been more important than they are right now.

So, not only is SBTC providing this wondering training for all of our churches in Ohio, Lifeway is also offering a FREE ebook about groups as well.

Michael Kelly and Scott McConnell have put together some of the best research insights to help encourage pastors and groups ministry leaders understand and communicate the power of groups. Please check out and share with your church leaders the link to this free ebook.

Together: The Power of Groups explores how groups have a dramatic spiritual impact on individuals. It also explores the perspectives of churchgoers who are currently in groups and those who are not. Learn why your groups ministry is vital to the health and growth of your church, and see what increases participation in groups.

Register today for this amazing list of training resources and get your free book! If you have any questions contact Dwayne Lee at or 614-601-6824

PDF icon EquipBook_2020_pastoral.pdf, PDF icon EquipBook_2020_tech.pdf, PDF icon EquipBook_2020_women.pdf, PDF icon EquipBook_2020_worship.pdf, PDF icon EquipBook, PDF icon Adult Home Groups EquipBook, PDF icon Adult Sunday School EquipBook, PDF icon Discipleship EquipBook, PDF icon Espanol EquipBook, PDF icon Evangelism EquipBook, PDF icon Family EquipBook, PDF icon First Impressions EquipBook, PDF icon Leadership EquipBook, PDF icon Men EquipBook, PDF icon Preschool EquipBook, PDF icon Students EquipBook