#PrayOhio! Update on Jeff and Barbara Singerman

#PrayOhio! Update on Jeff and Barbara Singerman

IMB Missionaries Jeff and Barbara Singerman were seriously injured in the same car accident in Africa that took the lives of Randy and Kathy Arnett. In this video, Jeff and Barbara give an update on their recovery and how God has used the accident to spread the gospel.

Barbara's birthday is Saturday, March 31 and they are featured in the March Mission Mosaic magazine: 

Two missionaries and seven nations in central Africa, including the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Two missionaries and 110 million people who need to hear the truth of Jesus Christ and be discipled. Approximately 69 unreached, unevangelized people groups (UUPG). Where to begin midst such overwhelming lostness?

Barbara Singerman and her husband, Jeff, started with prayer, seeking God’s strategy for reaching their missions field. They began building relationships with like-minded indigenous leaders and pastors; they trained extensively in orality and wrote IMB career missionary requests.

In the two years, they have been in DRC, their main objective has been to seed evangelism and discipleship through Bible storying (orality).

Barbara says, “The people we work with are oral peoples; they learn best through stories. During our first 14 months, we trained 1,500 evangelical church leaders how to train their churches to use orality. By using this method, two churches were started and at least 1,000 people were won to Christ.

“Two months following the training of 23 Baptist church leaders, we received a report from them that their members, going out and sharing Christ through Bible stories, had brought 756 people into the churches.” That’s a God-sized response to the prayers of His people.

Pray those who are trained will diligently share and disciple others through Bible storying; that discipleship groups will spring up by the thousands across the DRC and the surrounding nations. Pray for four IMB couples who’ve moved to DRC to love, lead by example, and empower national Christians for the work of ministry. (Article first printed in WMU's Missions Mosaic, Missionary of the Week Highlight, March 31, 2018)

Jeff and Barbara are from Ohio, members of FBC Kettering (See related article HERE



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