"Southern Baptist Churches Must Provide Our Missionaries"

"Southern Baptist Churches Must Provide Our Missionaries"

Sent by FBC Fairborn, Ohio, the Kevin and Victoria Singerman will take the gospel to Sub-Saharan Africa. They spent seven years in youth ministry at First Baptist Church in Fairborn, Ohio, before following God's call to church planting. Kevin also was active with the Greater Dayton Association of Baptists, helping to organize outreach events to help grow teenagers and adults in evangelism. Kevin is the son of Jeff and Barbara Singerman, IMB missionaries from Ohio. (Photo by Matt Jones)

I appreciate this recent article on Baptist Press from Kevin Singerman, newly appointed IMB missionary from FBC Fairborn. Don't miss this paragraph:

Southern Baptist churches must provide our missionaries.

There is a common misconception that it is the IMB that sends missionaries to the unreached peoples of the world. The truth is that it's our local churches that send us in partnership with the IMB, and that's an important distinction. Each missionary is prayed for and commissioned by his or her local church because those churches are made up of the people who know and love them best. They have watched them mature spiritually and put their gifts into action. They have encouraged them, cried with them, discipled them and given financially to help them get to the field. Though I will be working with the IMB, it is First Baptist Church in Fairborn, Ohio, that is sending my family out. And our hearts surge with thankfulness for the incredible church family they continue to be for us!

The original article can be found at bpnews.net