Practice to Platform

Practice to Platform is a web-based training resource to develop the musical and leadership skills needed to effectively lead congregational worship. Whether the desire is to become a worship instrumentalist or vocalist, these eight courses designed by Zac James (SCBO worship consultant) can take musicians from scratch to fully-equipped worship team members. 

As a special bonus, SCBO churches will have access to these courses at ZERO COST! Any SCBO church that has given through the Cooperative Program via the state convention in the last year can request free access to all of the courses available through Practice to Platform (Normally $79 each per person).

Here's what Zac James has to say about Practice to Platform

Practice to Platform exists to solve a problem: how do you develop worship team members from scratch?  I’m convinced there are people who don’t think they can learn worship roles, but are actually capable with the right resource. To solve that, I created eight online worship courses that are designed to take new musicians from scratch to their first worship audition and prepare them to be ideal worship team members.

There are courses for acoustic, electric, bass guitar, piano, drums, and vocals. Plus courses on music theory (To teach Nashville numbers by ear), an intro to leading teams in a way they will love, and the theology undergirding effective leadership incorporating the fruit of the Spirit.

You'll find video lessons, summaries below the videos, quizzes, critical thinking questions… there are no song tutorials, everything is skill-based, so it can all apply to a variety of contexts (Even ethnic/international churches using Google Translate!).