Language Church Planting

Out of 11 million people living in Ohio, 3.8 million, or 36% belong to an identifiable ethnic group. Approximately one out of every four persons encountered in Ohio belongs to an ethnic group other than Anglo/English speaking. Reaching these people for Christ is a challenge for Ohio. The challenge will continue to increase, as much of the population growth will by immigration. As responsible Christians, we have little choice but to reach out to this growing group and win them to Christ.

This can be done in a variety of ways that involve all the churches (rural and urban) in Ohio. The following are a few ways that we can work together to reach all people for Jesus Christ:

1. Continue to give through the Cooperative Program.
2. Sponsor a new language work either individually or in partnership with another church.
3. Begin a Home Bible Fellowship with an ethnic group.
4. Begin an ethnic Sunday School Class or Department.
5. Sponsor refugees as an association, church, class, or individual.
6. Participate in a social ministry with an ethnic group.

The challenge of language mission in Ohio is great, but together we can meet this challenge, as we become sensitive to the needs of others around us. God has blessed and will continue to bless language missions in Ohio as we labor together for Him.

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