Zoom In and Focus on Jesus

Zoom In and Focus on Jesus

By: Anthony Smith 
Minister of Education at FBC Maineville and the Leader of Director’s & Pastor’s on State VBS Team 

When is the best time to plant a tree? Some may say, in the spring others may say in the fall, but to really enjoy a tree today, we needed to plant it 25 years ago. When is the next best time to plant a tree? Now! Many of you may not believe it but VBS is right around the corner. “YIKES! It’s less than 6 months and I haven’t even thought about what the theme is this year.” 

NEVER FEAR your state convention team is here! We are offering a FANTASTIC opportunity this year to get an overview of the material, even purchase the material, and fear not! We will even offer training for your people, by some of the best in our state. 

We will be offering classes in all areas. First time director? We got that! Need help with missions? We got your back there, too! Worship, decorations; piece of cake! We will help you get focused on the goal, and help you equip your people. We can help you dig the hole to plant the tree to make a beautiful picture of a WILD and FUN Vacation Bible School. 

Where is this amazing event? Dublin Baptist Church. When is it March 16th., How much is it? ONLY $20 a person and that includes a meal, that’s right you even get a meal. 

For $20 per person your whole VBS team will walk away prepared and excited for VBS this year. 

We will start the day off with Worship Rally, move into core training where each leader will be trained on their specific area they will be teaching this summer. All that learning will make you hungry and we have that covered too, lunch is provided! The afternoon is filled with elective breakouts where folks can pick topics that interest you, such as recruiting volunteers, engaging community and continuing the connection after VBS. We will wrap up the day with a family night experience celebrating all we have learned and give away some great prizes. This is an event you and your team do not want to miss! 

We had a great trip down to The Ridgecrest Conference Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Our state VBS team of 12 was trained along with about 300 others state team members in early January. They call us multipliers because those 300 people go back to their regions and end up training about 3,000 people who go back to their community and reach 30,000 people to show the love of Jesus through the ministry of VBS. So, plan now to bring YOUR team to VBSI and multiply YOUR efforts in reaching YOUR community with the good news of Jesus Christ. We can't wait to see all of you! 

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