WHY YOU NEED SUPER SUMMER 2020 on your calendar!

WHY YOU NEED SUPER SUMMER 2020 on your calendar!


Some say that Super Summer is Ohio's best kept secret for discipleship and leadership development. Let's end that statistic...Here are some compelling testimonies and stats to help you see the impact it carries. In June 2019 Super Summer saw many decisions. The highlights being: Salvations 7 , Full-time ministry calling 10, Missions calling 19. If you are looking for a way to grow leaders in your church, then consider Super Summer 2020. We have former students in all forms of ministry in the church and on the mission field. Also, it isn't just the students whose lives are impacted, but the adult leaders as well. Read how Northside Baptist Church was impacted this summer.

Super Summer gives me the opportunity to meet new people and connect with them on a personal level through family groups. Each year I grow closer to God and learn something new.  Super Summer offers an incredibly special event where each year you focus on a different aspect of your faith.  Some schools focus on serving, showing others what it means to be a Christian, while other schools teach how important it is to keep with it and continually share the gospel. At Super Summer, I discover more about myself and grow in my faith every year.

-Madi Gordon 
Northside Church Lebanon, Ohio
Orange school 2019

Super Summer is honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have been able to meet so many Christ-centered people who have become some of my best friends. God has used the lessons and stories taught by the deans and family times to provide strength through tough times. Everything taught from Red School through Silver has provided me the tools to speak out for Christ and bring more people to Him.

The part that makes you want to keep coming back is the relationships you are able to create. Whether it is with the deans or other students, it is always great to see people who have the same focus in life as you. We are able to grow with others and support each other even after we leave camp.  The experiences from Super Summer are experiences that I will cherish and not soon forget. Ultimately, the ability to grow in Christ where you are encouraged by others who have the same goal creates some of the best moments one can have in life.

-Micah Watson 
Northside Church Lebanon, Oh
Silver School 2019

Year after year, students from my church have returned from Super Summer speaking a secret language. They would rush to tell me stories about their Moms and Dads(no not their parents, their Super Summer families).  I loved hearing their excitement, even if I didn't quite understand it. I could tell that Super Summer was not just any church camp. This was something different. I did not realize just how different until I got to experience it for myself this summer.

I was both nervous and excited when I realized that I needed to report for training 24 hours before the students even arrived. It was obvious that I was going to be much more than just a chaperone for the week. I was assigned to the Blue School, which consists of incoming freshman.  Yea Jr High!  It was encouraging to meet my fellow family leaders and the school deans.  I learned that Blue School focuses on 'identity in Christ' and this year, the entire Super Summer theme was also 'identity in Christ'.  Clearly God wanted to tell us something.  The highlight of my training time was getting the opportunity to pray over the students that would be in my family and having the Blue School leadership pray over me.  It was clear that this coming week had been covered in prayer long before I knew I would be a part of it.  

Monday-Friday consisted of intense bible study, family sharing times, laughter, worship, tears and unbelievable spiritual growth.  It was an absolute honor to get to watch these students make commitments to God and to each throughout the week.  They gave me permission to text them and check in on them over the next year because they want to be held accountable.  

Ohio is raising up some amazing Christian leaders. I am excited to see what the future holds for these students and consider myself very blessed to have had a small part in it.  I will never forget my first time at Super Summer and my first family group.  I'm happy to inform you that I know the secret language now and I can try my best to share it with you, but you really should experience it for yourself. 

- Tina Hill 
Northside Church Lebanon, Ohio
First time family leader 2019