Why Family Camp? with Jenny Risner

Why Family Camp? with Jenny Risner

Moms, let’s get excited for Family Camp at Seneca Lake! Yes, it’s true, packing for a trip exhausts most moms. Preparation for a 5-day trip can leave you wondering if it would have been easier to just stay home. Staying home means you don’t have to deal with getting your kids back on schedule, either. Why should moms sign-up for Family Camp at Seneca Lake? It is worth it, let me assure you as a mom of four small children who has been to Family Camp the past two years, I have discovered that the benefits make the work worth it. Three things stand out: no cooking or cleaning, adult time, and kid enjoyment.

All moms know that cooking and cleaning take up a huge chunk of time. A mom is always planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning and cleaning some more. But at Family Camp every meal is completely covered! Your kids will look forward to these many delicious meals that are filling and well-rounded. Not only are we served three delicious meals every day, but special snacks each evening! This is every mom’s dream!

Now we all know that motherhood limits regular interaction with other adults. Sometimes this lack of adult time can lead to broken sentence patterns and constant loss of thought! Ha! Anyways, having fellow moms around who love Jesus is super encouraging. At Family Camp stellar moms are everywhere, ready to chat about everything under the sun.

Lastly, many moms have a hard time stopping to enjoy their kids with the constant check-list of family maintenance staring them in the face. The task list seems endless and you wonder when you will finally be able to stop and enjoy these beautiful gifts from God. Family Camp is one way to stop the endless checklist and play with your kids. If you are not comfortable playing with them, then you could start by just watching them play. Time is fleeting.

So, moms, do I have you convinced yet? Yummy meals, inspiring encouragement, and time standing still with your kids. I hope that you’ll join us for a focused week of being built up together!

Article by Jenny Risner
Wife to Pastor James Risner, Senior Pastor, Brantwood Baptist Church, GDAB
Busy mother of four small children.

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