US Coast Threatened by Hurricane Matthew

US Coast Threatened by Hurricane Matthew

Computer models predict impact on US coastline

Hurricane Matthew is expected to strengthen over the next day into an even more destructive Category 4 as it nears Florida, with forecasting models predicting the storm to ride up the coast all the way to South Carolina.

The National Hurricane Center warned Wendesday that "catastrophic damage" was also a possibility and that some areas could be "uninhabitable for weeks."

Florida can expect as much as 10 inches of rain in some isolated areas.

Costal Georgia saw its first evacuations in nearly 20 years, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott said his state could see its biggest evacuation ever.

Ohio DR Teams are on alert for a response to Hurricane Matthew.  If you haven't let your white hats know your availability, please give them a call ASAP.

This is going to be a long and expensive call out. If you you can financially support this reponse, please click on the donate button to give.  Your support will be much appreciated.

Continue to pray for all the people who will be affected by Hurricane Matthew.

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