Tomorrow, May 30: March for Jesus Praisewalk!!

Tomorrow, May 30: March for Jesus Praisewalk!!

The March for Jesus 2020 is now PraiseWalk!

You will be able to worship, utilizing the PraiseWalk Guide, and/or simply join in with the music, praise, and prayer that will be shared via the internet by WVMBR radio station out of Decatur, Illinois. 

Join the Live “PraiseWalk Broadcast” on Saturday, May 30, at 11:00 am on WVMBR

At noon you will join with thousands to lift your hands toward heaven and declare that Jesus Christ Is Lord, and then engage in intercession for your community and the nation.


Months ago, plans were made for a celebration of united praise called March for Jesus, inviting and involving Christians from the entire body of Christ to an open procession of celebratory worship and prayer glorifying Jesus Christ. This had been planned for May 30, 2020, in communities across America.

Since the COVID-19 crisis has brought different kinds of restrictions upon mass gatherings, plans have been modified for May 30th of 2020. Instead of large processions, we are encouraging smaller groups, many as small as two or three, to scatter in their communities praising and praying as they walk, drive or even stand in their homes or their front yards.

We've called this format of praise and prayer a “PraiseWalk,” after the well-known idea of prayerwalking, which is simply praying near the very places we expect to see God answer our prayers. The PraiseWalk Guide highlights praise and thanksgiving but also encourages participants to pray for Christ’s blessing upon the people, families, schools, businesses and government leaders of their communities.

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PDF icon PraiseWalk Overview, PDF icon PraiseWalkGuide