Tennessee Sunday School Team Leads Ohio Training

Tennessee Sunday School Team Leads Ohio Training

What a great joy we have as the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio to partner with other SBC conventions around the country. The Tennessee Baptist Convention is no exception. We were blessed to have the state Sunday school team from Tennessee come to Ohio and share what it means to measure our Sunday school ministry. 

The team helped us ask the question, “As you look at your churches mission, how does your Sunday school class help accomplish the mission?” We discovered that what is being measured is getting done. So, the question is, “What are you measuring? Does it really help us fulfill our mission? Does it move us forward in our mission? As a teacher do we really know the mission of our Sunday school class? If not, then find out immediately what you and your class are suppose to be doing!

As you think about your class many times you may look at it in only one of these four areas:

  • Teaching
  • Friendship / Fellowship
  • Caring / Support
  • Outreach / Missions

What you believe about Sunday school determines how you see Sunday school, how you see Sunday school determines how you lead Sunday school and measure it’s success.

Dwayne Lee
Associate BT/L Resource Group Leader

Tennessee's first experience at Skyline Chili after wrapping up day two of the Sunday School Conference.

We would say that each of these are good within themselves, but what would happen if all four of them were active in our classes? I believe for us to have successful Sunday school classes, we need to measure the effectiveness of each of these areas. For that to happen leaders need to understand the purpose of the organization and organize your Sunday school for growth.

Over the two days of conferencing we did not see the numbers in attendance that we wanted to see, but for those who were able to attend they received a wealth of information and were challenged to change the way they believe, see, and lead their Sunday school ministry.

If you would like to have a Sunday school training for your church or association please call Dwayne Lee at the SCBO offices at 614-601-6824 or Wendy Hammock at 614-601-6826 and we will be glad to help.