Special pricing available until April 30: STREAMALL from Sampson Resources for $35

Special pricing available until April 30: STREAMALL from Sampson Resources for $35

Dan Sampson, of Sampson Resources, is offering a subscription to all the Sampson video curriculum for $35, (offer expires April 30, subscription good until the end of 2020). —Regardless of the size of the church— This is a huge savings! To get this special pricing, please call Sampson Resources directly, it is only available to SBCO churches, this pricing cannot be found online. To look at all you will receive, go to SampsonResources.com. Be sure to check out the new resources available August 15. (I am particularly excited about the already available prayer study by Kie Bowman!)

CALL TODAY TO GET THIS SPECIAL OFFER: (972) 387-2806 or (214) 773-7309

That’s right! $35 instead of $225!
    During this critical time of national uncertainty, job loss, business reversals, and super-tight church budgets, Sampson Resources is more committed than ever to providing churches with outstanding ministry programming at a bare minimum cost. Therefore – NOW through April 30 – you can sign up for STREAMALL and have 24/7 online access to everything at sampsonresources.com through December 31, 2020, at the lowest price ever. You get one master password that your people can use to open everything!

This pricing is good through April 30:
Under 300 attendance -$35 (instead of $225)
301 to 600 - $35 (instead of $285)
601 – up - $35 (instead of $345)

     Again, please sign up by April 30, call us at 972-387-2806 to get STREAMALL at the above prices. BONUS: As a STREAMALL church, you can get “digital reproducible workbook/leader guide” sets for only $49.95 instead of $89.95 on our website. And you can get back-up DVD sets for only $39.95 instead of $99.95. Sign up today and keep ministry alive and active!

Streaming is the way to go!
Everybody owns everything! And nobody misses anything!
 www.sampsonresources.com    972-387-2806 

You get these NEW 6-session programs automatically by August 15:

A SUNDAY SCHOOL STRATEGY THAT WORKS Stop Circling the Drain and Start Realizing the Gain
(from The Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C.)

THE INSPIRED WITNESS Blending Apologetics and Evangelism for Effective Witnessing

THE INSPIRED TEACHER Sharing Bible Truths with Passion and Purpose (from The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.)

THE INSPIRED DEACON Living by Faith, Leading by Example (six sessions, plus eleven micro messages for ongoing training)

And more is on the way!

See the attachment below for all the new resources available soon!

Image icon New Resources Available August 15