Social Media for AWAKEN: 21-Day Prayer Guide March 1-21

Social Media for AWAKEN: 21-Day Prayer Guide March 1-21

We are just one week from our AWAKEN 21-Days of Prayer event as part of our Challenge '21 prayer initiative for 2021! March 1-21, we are calling Jesus followers throughout Ohio to spend 21 days in prayer together. We will be sending prayer prompts via email for those who have registered, but I am excited we are trying something new! With the help of AJ Frasure and his company IT511, we have created social media content that will engage followers to join in this challenge!

Please consider extending this challenge to your church members and friends! Prayer is so powerful, and when a church comes together to pray, we believe that God will accelerate your Gospel impact! We have made it easy for you to share. Every day we will post on our Instagram page, Facebook Page, and Facebook Groups. On Facebook, share the post as your church and share it on your personal account. If your church has an active Instagram, reach out to AJ at to learn how to share the post through Instagram. As leaders, members of your congregations will be more likely to participate if they’re encouraged by you and see you engaging in the posts as well! This can be a great way to start reaching a different demographic of your congregation!

Below are links to each site where our content will be distributed. Please consider following each account if you’re not already.

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Facebook Page –

Pray Ohio Facebook Page –

SCBO Facebook Group –

Go HERE to sign up for the dialy emails