SCBgO Podcast Welcomes New Host

SCBgO Podcast Welcomes New Host

The latest episode of the SCBgO Podcast comes with an unexpected twist. Ryan Strother has spent the past year roaming the state of Ohio, interviewing leaders, and telling the story of Mission Ohio.  But the June 29th episode of SCBgO finds Ryan in a different role: giving up the host mic to instead answer interview questions and share his own heart and vision for Ohio.  

Starting with this 22nd episode of SCBgO, the role of podcast host will be filled by Dwayne Lee. A familiar voice to many Ohio Baptists,  Dwayne currently serves as the Associate Group Leader for Bible Teaching and Leadership at the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio. His resonant baritone voice has been heard all across the state as a worship leader, music minister, touring artist, and preacher.  Speaking to new host Dwayne Lee, Strother says, "Thanks for taking it over, man. I can't even tell you how excited I am that you are the host!"

The format of the podcast will remain largely unchanged. "Don't expect to see many changes. This format has been working really well." says Lee. SCBgO has steadily built a committed following of loyal listeners.  Unique and diverse interviews are a staple of the podcast, but the goal of each episode remains the same: "To motivate you to be active in Mission Ohio." With 21 episodes already available, even new listeners have plenty of great interviews to explore, and Lee anticipates a new episode to be available every two weeks moving forward.

You can listen to the complete series of podcasts by visiting or searching SCBgO on the iTunes store. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the fantastic stories of God's activity in SCBO and around Ohio!

The SCBgO Podcast would not have been possible without the energies and vision of SCBO President Ryan Strother.  When you cross his path, be sure to thank him for his many contributions to Mission Ohio.

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