Returning Food Service Team

Returning Food Service Team

A Team of six left Ohio early Sunday morning, October 9, and joined another thirty nine in the Kentucky Feeding Kitchen at North Jacksonville Baptist Church. Although we were disappointed with how few  meals were needed, we certainly weren't disappointed with how God rewarded our efforts. The two Kentucky chaplains who served as our official chaplains were able to talk with and encourage many as they traveled through various  communities and spoke with folks all over Jacksonville. They were also blessed with leading two people to Christ. 

Although Ohio's chaplain was confined to the work site inspecting and lining Cambros, God blessed them by sending people to him. And wow did He.  Three more people joined God's Kingdom before the week was up.

For five people to join God's Kingdom through a feeding kitchen is  quite remarkable and a God thing. The physical feeding of meals didn't justify their efforts, but spiritually it was a tremendous success. Thanks again for praying.

Monday the 24th of October another team, this time chain saw, will be leaving to go to South Carolina.  Please pray for their safety while traveling.  Ask God to open doors for the chaplains can tell people about our great God.

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