Relief Team Arrives in Florida

Relief Team Arrives in Florida

A group of excited volunteers gathered Saturday morning at the offices of the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. They were about to embark on a 1,000 mile journey that would bring them to Florida to provide much needed relief to victims of Hurricane Irma.  The team met for the first time on Saturday, with individuals coming from all around the state of Ohio.  Some even drove through the night on Friday just to be able to join others in Ohio Disaster Relief.

The team arrived safely in Florida on Sunday about 5pm.  Preperations have already begun to begin work first thing Monday morning.  They are hoping to accomplish as much as possible to relieve the strain on victims and to provide the opporunity for many lives to be engaged with the love of Jesus.

Hundreds of thousands are still putting the pieces back together in the Southern United States and Carribean.  We want to support them and the countless numbers of volunteers, aid providers, family members, and neighbors who are working tirelessly to restore their lives. Please join with us and others around the world as we continue to pray for those affected by these storms.

Thank you to Sarah Jo Pl├╝cker-Wright for providing photos and updates on the team.

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