Registration Opens for Prayer Event Beginning in 2024

Registration Opens for Prayer Event Beginning in 2024

By Stephanie Heading

When the world rings in 2024, churches around the world will begin 21 Days of Prayer, a global twenty-one-day event to strengthen individual prayer lives and build prayer culture in churches around the globe.

Dave Earley, pastor of First Baptist Church, Grove City, is spearheading 21 Days of Prayer, based on his book The 21 Most Effective Prayer of the Bible. “I believe God has some great things He longs to do in you, for you, and through you and your ministry, but He is waiting for you to ask Him,” said Earley. “Let me encourage you to begin intentionally setting aside more time every day or more bits of time throughout the day to talk to God. You won’t regret it.”

For individuals, 21 Days of Prayer features daily devotional readings, video challenges, email encouragement and prayer meetings. Participants in the campaign will receive a copy of Earley’s book to use for 21 days of devotional readings.

In addition, everyone will be invited to participate in Facebook Live streamed videos of prayer meetings happening around the world.

For churches, 21 Days of Prayer offers a four-weeks of extra prayer during worship services, as well as a four-week sermon series and special prayer meetings.

Registration for 21 Days of Prayer is now open at After registration participants will receive weekly emails in preparation for the event. 21 Days of Prayer will provide a booklet, How to lead a 21 Days of Prayer Event, to all pastors and church prayer leaders. Following the event additional resources will be available to help continue growth in understanding and practicing prayer.

Earley notes, “God can do more than we can, do it faster than we can, and do it better than we can. . . if we pray.”