Ray Roberts Has Left the Building!

Ray Roberts Has Left the Building!

Much preparation goes into the Ray Roberts State Missions Offering before it is ready to be mailed out to Ohio Southern Baptist churches.  Each year a new theme is decided upon and then artwork is created to support that theme. Decisions are made about which missions will be highlighted in the prayer guide. Then many hours are spent filming, interviewing missionaries, and editing video. At the same time, concerted effort is made to capture each missionary's unique story and compile them together in a print ready form.  Approvals are needed, and once that's complete the artwork and materials go to print in the form of DVDs, prayer guides, and posters. When all the pieces have been produced, sorted, and organized at the State office; only then are the standing orders packaged, prayed over, and posted.

This year's standing orders consisted of 853 posters, 30,899 prayer guides and 38,842 envelopes.  So many packages are sent out that It takes a full mail truck to hold the Ray Roberts State Missions Offering standing orders. It is our hope that each church will use these materials to spread the news about Mission Ohio in their local church and encourage their members to pray, give, and get involved in sharing the Good News all over Ohio!  If your church doesn't have a standing order for materials you can contact Sheri Bogardus at sbogardus@scbo.org.

Please join us as we commit to pray and give to help State Missions in Ohio.  Thank you so much for your support through prayer and through the Ray Roberts State Missions Offering.   We appreciate your heartfelt, sacrificial giving and your continued prayers for Missions in the State of Ohio.  

We are a family and it takes us all working together to get the job done!

The assembly line in action: packing and posting the State Missions Offering Standing Orders

The SCBO Training Room transforms into our very own "State Missions post office."

Some of the most important people whose hard work makes it possible to dedicate a full USPS truck for Mission Ohio.

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