Priscilla Shirer Does It Again!

Priscilla Shirer Does It Again!

author: Paula Pilkington

The Priscilla Shirer Simulcast event, hosted by Spring Hills Baptist Church on April 28, was a blessing as well as a challenge to the 123 women who came together from 14 different churches that day!

Many of the women that filled out evaluation forms commented on how loved and welcomed they felt. 

Priscilla’s message centered on recognizing the presence of God, and how we can be ready to hear from Him. She used Simeon, from Luke, chapter 2, as an example of one who recognized Jesus, the Messiah. 

The worship with Tony Evans was uplifting and inspiring. Technically, the livestream, both video and audio, was very high quality.

Thank you, Lifeway, for such great production of the event from Tampa Bay, FL. Thank you also to all of the Women’s Ministry team that spent hours in prayer and preparation for this event.  Honey Baked Ham provided the excellent boxed lunches and the fellowship was sweet. 

This may be the first of many Simulcasts so if you want to get added to the list to be invited next time send your email information to Paula Pilkington at