Partnerships at its Finest

Partnerships at its Finest

Hello state leaders, associational missionaries, and pastor-less churches. It always thrills my heart when partnerships take place and this one is no exception. I am excited to share with you that the Center for Church Revitalization and the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is offering virtual interims for any of our churches that are without pastors in this very difficult time. Here is the letter I received from them regarding this offer:

State Partners,

I wanted to let you know of a resource available to you from the Center for Church Revitalization @ Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. During this time of COVID-19, we are offering virtual interims for churches who may have a need during this time. We have a worship music set we are recording each week and making available as the time of praise/music worship for a church to use AND any church who is pastor-less, could request for a virtual interim to provide the preaching service during this time as well.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and will be several different “virtual pastors” you could select, or simply choose a series that is right for your church. Dr. Greenway will be doing a full 4-week series as well, along with a full worship set; so the entire service will be done for churches who may have this needs.

Additionally – we will have tech support to help any of these churches “get online” if they have yet to do this. This service will be available for the Sunday after Easter, April 19.

Please contact Kenneth Priest at for further assistance.  

Like I said, this is a great offer and I hope you would share it with any church that would be in need of these types of services. We are stronger together and this virus has proven that once again.

If you have other questions please contact me directly at or 614-601-6824.

Blessings to each and everyone!

Dwayne Lee
The Bible Teaching/Leadership Resource Group