Ohio DR Remains on Alert

Ohio DR Remains on Alert

Many Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams are already on site in both North and South Carolina. They are currently providing those affected with food, shower/laundry services, chaplains, assessment, and recovery services.  Those onsite with Incident Command are evaluating and coordinating the current situation and communicating the need for additional teams and services.

Currently, Ohio DR is simply on ALERT, meaning we are determining our team strength and availability over the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully we can deploy around October 6th or 13th.  Members of existing DR teams have alreay been contacted by Sam Kelley and his team.

Some Ohio churches are collecting cleanup supplies (no water), and gift cards to be sent to the flood recovery efforts.  For questions about these efforts, please contact your local church.

Coordination of teams and supplies is a work in progress and will continue for the next two - three weeks.  More details will be provided in a future update.

Rising floodwaters have cut off the supply chains of some Southern Baptist Disaster Relief efforts following Hurricane Florence, and others are increasingly threatened.  CNN.com screen capture

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