Mudout Team Returns After Amazing Week in Illinois

Mudout Team Returns After Amazing Week in Illinois

Contributed by Larry Randolph - Ohio Disaster Relief

Ohio Mudout Team returned home with the CABA (Cincinnati Area Baptist Association) Mudout Unit late Thursday. You all must have been praying twenty four seven. Every lost person we had a conversation with accepted Christ. Not sure that has ever happened before. There is always someone that says they are not ready or they aren't sure about what the Bible says being true etc.. On the other hand we had a lot of conversations with Christians who encouraged us. We were able to help eleven homeowners with their flooded homes. At the end of the day on Thursday five people had accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

The first house we went to last Saturday, Don had an appointment with the King of Kings although he probably had no idea. When we arrived at the home of 63 year old Don, who suffered from COPD and various ailments, he wanted the floors and walls removed along with a lot of damaged furniture, clothing, bedding and miscellaneous carry out. Our lead chaplain ask me to share the Evange Cube with him. His family was of Catholic background. I proceeded to share making sure to emphasize it's all about Jesus and the cross. At the end of the the presentation, Tom gave an enthusiastic yes in answering my question if he'd like to ask Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. Then Tom told me and the Blue Hat (team leader) he thought he would just have the house demolished and we didn't need to take up flooring and remove walls. The appointed had been fulfilled and all God's angels in heaven were rejoicing as we're told in Luke 15:10.

On Monday I had an opportunity to share about our ministry with a businessman whose house we were cleaning and eradicating of black mold. Our Blue Hat and other chaplain had left to go look at our next job and Vince wanted to show me what needed to be done underneath the sun room. He took me behind the house, a perfectly secluded placed to share the gospel without interruptions. Although secluded, I could see James one of our team members looking out a window and no doubt praying. God is so good. When He sets an appointment, He also arranges all the details.  Previously he'd told me he wasn't a church going guy. After sharing the gospel, I asked if he'd like to ask Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. He said he probably needed to sometime, but not right now. I asked him if he believed Jesus died for his sins and God had raised Jesus from the dead. He said yes he did, so I quoted Romans 10:9, then asked if there was a reason he couldn't accept Him now. He said no probably not and he prayed to accept Him as his Lord and Savior. He then told me about losing a son six years ago in an automobile accident. My salvation testimony probably reminded him of the tragic loss of his son. That's why our testimony can be so important when sharing with others.

When I gave the 2nd salvation report to the Site White Hat he said, "another one"! I told him the Ohio team didn't come all the way to Illinois to just clean out houses, but we'd clean them out since we're already there.

On Sunday after church we had to go out for lunch, since replacement cooking team hadn't arrived yet. When it was time for waitress to bring our bill instead we were informed the bill had been taken care of. Paid in full, the same message we desire many of the folks we get to serve will hear when the Trupet sounds. At any rate another guy accepted Christ at the last house we worked on and two at restaurants on our way home. Our mission trip is never over until the the last person arrives home and takes off the Disaster Relief yellow shirt, hat and D.R. badge.   

Thanks to all for being a huge part of the Ohio Mudout Team. Without prayer we would just be a group of workers cleaning out flooded homes, but with yours and others commitment to prayer, we are a successful mission team that leads many lost souls to Christ. Ohio Disaster Relief is known for two things: We lead disaster survivors to Christ and we have a lot of fun. The Ohio Disaster Relief teams are always at or near the top of the list and known for being blessed leading people to Christ. You all are a huge part of our team.

Please share this info with family and friends who may or may not know about Ohio Disaster Relief.