Mud-Out Team Ministers in Florida

Mud-Out Team Ministers in Florida

The Cincinnati Area Baptist Association Mud out team experienced two firsts as they served in Fort Myers, Florida.

Bob Dick, Mud-out Team Coordinator, led a team of two women and nine men to Fort Myers, Florida to assist in cleanup after Hurricane Irma passed through.  They joined teams from Alabama and based their ministry out of McGregor Baptist Church.  The team recorded 3 professions of faith, 24 chaplain contacts, 56 work days and 20 travel days during this response. 

While serving, one of the team members developed blood clots and was hospitalized for a couple of days.  He was physically ministered to by doctors and spiritually cared for by the rest of the team and many prayers back home and from the Alabama teams.  The clots were successfully taken care of and he flew home to be with his family.  Praise God for taking care of His own like He does so often.

Bob said the damage was so extensive it took the team the entire week to complete one job and about 80% of a second job.  The house for the second job set back from the road approximately 500 feet, so it took a lot of effort to carry the damaged items from the house to the road.

The first house was somewhat easier and was owned by a 1964 Summer Olympics Gold Medalist.  She was very appreciative of the assistance and took the time to show the team the gold medal.  This was the first time an Ohio team experienced the privilege of serving someone of such prominence as a gold medal winner.

The second first for the team was to serve with a deaf team member.  During a recent training, an Ohio member of the Southern Baptist Deaf Community joined the mud-out team.  He was available to serve during this deployment and Bob said he was a hard worker and real asset to the team.

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