Louisiana Floods - How Can I Help?

Louisiana Floods - How Can I Help?

The city of Denham Springs is one of the hardest-hit areas of Southern Louisiana.
Photo from LA Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

The current flooding in Louisiana is devastating and causing untold destruction and heartache.  The statement below comes from John Hebert, State Director of Missions for Louisiana Baptists:

By now I’m sure you have heard about the disastrous flooding we have had in Louisiana due to the low pressure system that just sat on South Louisiana and poured out over 2’ of rain in some places and 18-22” in most. I flew over the area last evening and you simply can’t imagine what 50,000 flooded homes look like (and you don’t want to either). But, that’s what we have here. The flooding runs across almost half of the southern part of the state...

With such a great number of people in need, we have been contacted by many Ohioans and SCBO churches to find out how to help. The link below will give you all the details, but the two main needs are prayer and financial donations.

The relief effort is immense and will require many volunteers and many supplies.  We have found time and time again that the most practical and efficient way to help is to provide much needed funds to the people who already have their feet on the ground in the disaster area - that's the Lousiana Baptists and their Disaster Relief teams.

If you are looking to volunteer, please contact the Louisiana Baptists to see where you can help.  You may also want to consider connecting with Ohio Disaster Relief to be trained and ready when disasters strike in the future.

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