Harrison Avenue Mission House Ready and Waiting for Missionaries to Move in

Harrison Avenue Mission House Ready and Waiting for Missionaries to Move in

By Stephanie Heading

Three years ago, Harrison Avenue Baptist Church, near Cincinnati, had a decision to make. The tenants who were renting the church’s former parsonage had moved out and the house was empty. Not wanting to continue renting the property, the pastor had an idea.  

Marilyn McQueen remembers Pastor Chris Workman saying, “This would be a great little house for missionaries.” McQueen, a member of Harrison Avenue, thought that was a promising idea, as did the rest of the church, and they began preparing the property for its new purpose. 

“We had a Mission House Shower,” said McQueen. “People donated really well.” She said the shower brought in linens, small appliances, and other household goods needed to equip the house. The congregation also provided gently used furniture. “One lady bought a sectional sofa. It looks nice in the living room, McQueen noted.  

The three-bedroom house now sits fully furnished and includes everything missionaries could need, including towels, sheets, and kitchen equipment. It can accommodate up to seven people. One bedroom is set up as an office but can also accommodate three children using a bunk bed. 

The Harrison Avenue Mission House is in southwest Ohio with access to Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Indianapolis is ninety miles away; Columbus is one hundred and twenty miles away; and Lexington is one hundred and two miles from the Mission House.  

The Mission House has already served as a short-term home for a church planter and as a year-long residence for a transitional pastor. However, it has yet to house any missionaries, and the people of Harrison Avenue are anxious to welcome a missionary family to their Mission Home as soon as possible.  

Dr. Mark Wash is the senior pastor at Harrison Avenue Baptist Church. For more information about the Harrison Avenue Mission Home, please contact Marilyn McQueen at msmcasey70@gmail.com or Cathy Pound at cpound@scbo.org