Executive Director Search Team posts job opening, prepares to receive resumes

Executive Director Search Team posts job opening, prepares to receive resumes

           The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio is seeking qualified candidates for the Executive Director position.

           The Executive Director Search Team will receive resumes at the email address ExecSearch@scbo.org through February 28, 2021.

           The primary characteristics for the position are as follows:

  1. The candidate must be a committed Southern Baptist who understands and embraces Ohio culture
  2. The candidate should be gifted relationally to communicate and connect locally to pastors/churches and nationally to denominational leaders
  3. The candidate needs to have visible experience of bringing diverse people groups together, especially in areas of ethnic sensitivity
  4. The candidate must be an exceptional vision-caster
  5. The candidate needs to have proven leadership abilities in for his own personal life and in building teams

The job description follows.  The candidate must have at least a bachelor degree from an accredited college or university; a graduate degree is preferred. The candidate must have at least ten years ministry experience.



Acts as the chief administrative officer and treasurer of the State Convention and the Ohio Mission Council managing the work of the personnel of the SCBO and providing leadership for all its programs


1.         Work with the Ohio Mission Council in developing goals and actions related to the ministry of the State Convention.

2.         Aid in the development of budgets and calendars designed to attain the goals of the State Convention through the Mission Council.

3.         Work with the Ohio Mission Council in enlisting and supervising necessary staff members for the ministries of the State Convention.  Act as the chief executive agent, working with the Executive Committee, in the employment and termination of all personnel and in the hiring of all services.

4.         Evaluate and report to the Ohio Mission Council at least quarterly the progress in achieving Ohio Mission Council goals for all ministries and himself taking corrective action based on the direction of the Executive Committee.

5.         Encourage all departments of the State Convention to implement cost-saving methods and systems to insure maximum productivity on the part of all personnel.

6.         Provide complete staff assistance and record keeping to the Ohio Mission Council and its committees working with each chairman in the formulation of agendas and calling of meetings.

7.         Serve as Treasurer of the Convention and its Ohio Mission Council seeing that all funds are credited, disbursed and reported according to the convention approved budget.

8.         Assist, encourage and make available to the churches of the State Convention resources from state as well as convention-wide agencies and boards to aid in the fulfilling of their mission.

9.         Represent the State Convention to the denomination, public officials, civic leaders and the media.

10.      Serve as the statutory agent of the State Convention working with the proper committees in business and property management.

11.      Speak in churches and associations when requested and as time allows.