DR Chaplains Thankful for Prayer Support

DR Chaplains Thankful for Prayer Support


         Here is a written report by one of our chaplain/assessor team that worked in Doniphan, Missouri.  I knew you would want to know how things went for them. 

        The two-man team left early Monday morning (May 8, 2017) heading for Doniphan Missouri to assess homes damaged by the recent flood. The water was a sight to see as we crossed the bridges where Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky come together.  Bob the gentlemen heading up Mud out operations for Missouri Disaster Relief was overwhelmed trying to assess the damage, man the shower unit, and for the Disaster Relief Food Service Team as they were preparing meals for Red Cross to feed the community.  All this in addition to keeping up with the Command Center. To say Bob was glad to see us would be an understatement. 

          Even though messages had been put on local radio, Facebook and newspapers there were no requests for help coming into the Church. Therefore, our task was to go door to door.  Some of the doors were a few miles apart down a gravel road that required an all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle to reach and sometimes it was still dicey due to gravel/sand bars and/or mud.  Many of these roads were hilly, narrow, rutted out and you did not want to meet anyone.  We felt your prayers more than once.

          We found several older folks, some with medical issues, which our teams should be able to help starting Monday.  Many homeowners we never got to meet due to the damage and many professed to be Christian. We were told, by contractors and others, of several homes which wouldn't need help due to this being a weekend getaway for successful folks with money.  One young businessman who lived in Popular Bluff, although his house was built on posts probably fifteen feet off the ground, had sustained heavy damage.  He and the young man that was helping him take out some damaged furniture etc. reminded me of the two thieves on the cross in some ways.  We asked if they attended church and told them I had something I could show them, if they had time and wanted to see it.  They indicated they did.  I showed them the Hot Line to Heaven (Evange Cube) and asked if they would like to make the choice I had made and accept Jesus as personal Savior. Steven said yes and voiced the sinner’s prayer for his sins to be forgiven and ask Jesus into his heart. (This one profession made our trip worth it all).  The other young man remained silent. I asked the young man if he had prayed and he said no while remaining expressionless. I actually told them the story of the thief on the cross, the woman at the well and Saul on the Damascus road. The other young man heard the gospel in a rather clear and precise way; therefore, my prayer is for him to be reminded of the Hot Line to Heaven every time it rains.  Steven doesn't have a church home; therefore, if you get a chance please lift him up to find a place to worship. The pastor of the church we worked out of knows the pastors in Popular Bluff, so I'm confident he will be invited to church. Thanks again for praying."


Thanks and God bless

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