Challenge '21: "Count Me In!" Registration Open

Challenge '21: "Count Me In!" Registration Open

Pastor Reginald Hayes, 2021 SCBO President, has called Ohio Baptists to “Pray Until God Does Great Exploits Through Us!” in 2021. The challenge comes from Daniel 11:32 “...the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

Challenge ’21 encourages Ohio Baptists to pray 21 minutes more daily in 2021. If you are not daily praying, 21 minutes is a great place to start. If you are already praying, consider adding 21 more minutes a day. National and state leaders declare a “state of emergency” when the threat is imminent. Is it time we declare a “state of spiritual emergency?” Some leaders are saying, “we are presiding over the greatest decline of Christianity in history.” Leaders throughout the ages have called followers of Jesus to “extraordinary” prayer. Desperate times call for desperate prayer. Desperation is a blessing in disguise, it causes us to be desperate for Jesus. Twenty-one more minutes a day may not be extraordinary, but it is a step in the right direction. It is a step toward increasing the time and intensity of our prayer life each year.

The Denominee Future Team identified as our first strategic input, “prioritizing prayer,” and our first measure “asking God boldly,” as we “amplify leaders to accelerate Gospel impact.” Our value statement includes prayer:

We Value: Vital relationships among Impassioned church leaders who prayerfully implement Spirit-led strategies that impact and involve the Diversity of people in Ohio with the Gospel of Christ.

Challenge ’21 will support our vision, values, and strategy.

In January, we've invited Ohio Baptists to sign up and say, “Count me in!” If you have not signed up yet, please go HERE and say, “Count me in!” If you are signed up, you’ll get a weekly email with encouragement to pray.

March will launch with the AWAKEN: 21-Day Prayer Guide by Claude King. A pdf download is available with permission to print for use in the church. Those registered will get an email each day with Scriptures and prayer prompts for that day. You are invited to join with Ohio Baptists in a 21-day Daniel fast as we seek His face. We also will be asking for testimonies to share that will encourage others to pray.

"Rather than a religiously tame ritual, prayer is actually the most important and strategic work of kingdom advancement. It might be the least tame thing we ever do!" — Gary Mayes

"A wonderful goal would be to see our prayer life increase in its time and intensity every year."

Bill Elliff
Simply Prayer

“While we all pray for the fruits of revival, our real commitment must be to grow the roots of revival. There are no fruits without roots. The root system of revival: praying people, supporting praying pastors, who lead praying churches, for supernatural Gospel impact.”

Daniel Henderson
President, Strategic Renewal and The 6:4 Fellowship