Buckeye Baptist Builders Begin Repairs

Buckeye Baptist Builders Begin Repairs

Led by Dale Patterson, FBC Westerville and Mark Wells, First Baptist Church of Grove City, a Buckeye Baptist Builders team of approximately 20 men and women (Mostly from FBC Grove City) began the task of removing and replacing chapel walls at Seneca Lake Baptist Assembly.  The chapel has been a fixture of the camp experience in Senecaville, Ohio, but the walls have been damaged by water over the years and have rotted to the point of crumbling in place when siding and windows are being removed.

Patterson expects the work to last at least this week and possibly move into next week.   Scott Seder, SLBA Camp Manager, and his staff are supporting the team with meals, lodging, and break food items.  They are also providing support of cleaning supplies and for hauling away trash accumulated during the repairs.

It was obvious that without the help of the FBC Grove City volunteers this project would take weeks to complete.  Instead, much progress has been made in only one day, with focus on both sides of the structure at the same time.  Talented men and women are doing a remarkable work in making the much needed repairs. Approximately $4,000.00, in materials have already been delivered to the site and more may be needed.

There are at least three more projects around the state planned for this year at Southern Baptist Churches.  We can use help on these as well.  Work is plentiful and laborers are few!

Contact Sam Kelley at the state convention convention office if you are interested in joining this awesome work of love.

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