April 24 COVID-19 Webinar

April 24 COVID-19 Webinar

Please join us this Friday April 24 for the Mission Ohio Covid-19 Information Zoom Webinar at 11:00 AM EDT.  This link: https://scbo.org/event/covid-19-information-exchange-webinar provides a registration access on the SCBO website.  To celebrate blessings, to relate ideas on communicating to church members and community residents, to address the challenges of stay-at-home and social distancing, and to share possibilities for Great Commission ministry when stay-at-home guidelines are relaxed and lifted is the purpose of the Friday Webinar.

Presenters for the Friday April 24 Webinar are Mike Feliciano, Steve Long, Emily Perkins, and David Starry.  Mike Feliciano is the chair of the Church Planting Resource Group Mission Council Committee of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio and the pastor of the Fellowship Church in Wellington, Ohio.  Steve Long is a Church Planter Catalyst with the North American Mission Board and the Associational Missionary for the Northwest Ohio Baptist Association.  Emily Perkins is the Administrator and Director of Communications for the Violet Baptist Church in Pickerington, Ohio.  David Starry is the lead pastor for First Light Church in Vandalia, Ohio and former President of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio.

These presenters will share how they and their leaders have responded to communication, ministry, worship, and evangelism challenges during the stay-at-home policy.  Just as importantly, they will share thoughts on how their church or association will respond to the lifting of the stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines.  They will share ideas on how to engage possible incremental phases of “opening up” our communities: group activities, travel, worship gatherings, follow-up on prospects discovered through ministry contacts, etc.

Participants or viewers will be able to submit written questions during the Webinar on the “Q&A” feature.  We encourage participants to submit questions to be addressed after each individual presentation.  After the panelist’s presentations and answers to questions, we shall share some other resources and opportunities for pastors and church members.  This is the basic plan.  Remember that we are Baptists, and we flex as needed.

The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio exists to assist affiliated churches and associations obey the Great Commission.  This pandemic stay-at-home has presented significant challenges.  Yet, pastors and church leaders have responded with creativity and boldness.  The virus has curtailed some of our activities, but it hasn’t cancelled the Great Commission.  Let’s press toward that mark.