2021 SCBO Budget

2021 SCBO Budget

I would like to clarify what was printed and presented when messengers approved the SCBO budget for the fiscal year ending November 2021.  There was a cell within the Excel budget document that did not calculate on the correct Cooperative Program amount which in turn made it look as if we were budgeting to receive $156,565 more than our budgeted expenses.


The section on the first page of the 2021 Proposed Budget lists the following; "TOTAL SPENDING WITHIN & BEYOND OHIO CONVENTION" of $7,495,895


That number represents the total budgeted income received as part of the SCBO operating budget for ministry work within Ohio as well as monies received and forwarded to the Executive Committee of the SBC for ministry work beyond Ohio.  Money forwarded to SBC includes our 50/50 split of Cooperative Program dollars received from our Mission Ohio churches.  The Cooperative Program budget for 2021 was set at $4,729,284 of which $$2,364,642 will be forwarded to the SBC for our participation and support of the Cooperative Program.


During the presentation of the budget at the annual meeting a question was asked regarding total income versus total expenses and where and how that money is accounted for at fiscal year ending.  Later that evening I discovered the error that was printed in the 2021 Proposed Budget.  On the first page of the 2021 Proposed Budget, see the line item in the INCOME section titled 4000 - COOPERATIVE PROGRAM.  Also see line item on page 6 titled 7000 - COOPERATIVE PROGRAM / 50%

                                                        2019 Actual          2020 Budget       2021 Changes   2021 Proposed        CP Budget

4000 - COOPERATIVE PROGRAM     $4,324,821.68     $4,416,154.00     $313,130.00     $4,416,154.00     $2,364,642.00
7000 - COOPERATIVE PROGRAM     $2,162,410.84     $2,208,077.00     $156,565.00     $2,208,077.00


The "4000- Cooperative Program" budget line of $4,416,154 is incorrect and should have been listed as $4,729,284 which would also change the amount of our 50/50 split forwarded to the SBC under account 7000 - COOPERATIVE PROGRAM / 50%


In correcting these two cells in the Excel budget document it matches the total monies budgeted to be received and spent within Ohio & beyond Ohio, $7,495,895


Please see the attached 2021 Budget and notice the two yellow highlighted line items with their correct amounts.  If you have any questions, please contact me direclty.


Thank you,


Kevin Heaton
State Convention of Baptists in Ohio
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