2018 Church Planning Guide Now Available

2018 Church Planning Guide Now Available

The 2018 Church Planning Guide is now available for download at scbo.org

Each fall, the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio releases a document that contains the tentative schedule of SCBO sponsored events for the upcoming year. Churches and Associations can then effectively plan their organizational calendars to take advantage of the state-wide events and resources that would benefit their members and ministries.  

This planning guide is a great tool, but it is subject to change. Every year there are additional events added and some planned activities that must be postponed or moved.  The most up-to-date information on coming SCBO events will always be found at scbo.org/calendar.  This planning guide will remain here on the website for download, but it will not be updated after publication.

Thank you for your support of Mission Ohio!

PDF icon Church Planning Guide 2018 - updated Oct 5, 2017