2016 Lottie Moon Offering Closes at 153 Million!

2016 Lottie Moon Offering Closes at 153 Million!

IMB reports the fourth largest Lottie Moon Offering ever! "Southern Baptists gave $153 million through the 2016-17 campaign to support International Mission Board field personnel." (Find the full article by Julie McGowan HERE)

“As we consider billions of people who have yet to hear the gospel, we as Southern Baptists realize the best way we can play our part in fulfilling the Great Commission is through cooperative effort in praying, giving, going and sending,” said IMB President David Platt. “Thank you, Southern Baptists, for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to support a growing mission force working to make disciples and multiply churches around the world. Through the generosity of every single Southern Baptist who gave, the grace of God is resounding to the glory of God among more and more people and peoples.”

Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director/treasurer of national WMU which promotes the offering in partnership with IMB, expressed her gratitude for the gifts.

“It is amazing to realize that since 1888, Southern Baptists have given nearly $4.4 billion,” Wisdom-Martin said. “We are grateful for the countless churches that continue to keep missions as a priority.”

“Today I intensely feel the weight of my personal call to help Christians develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle,” she said. “We must be profoundly aware of God’s work in the world, bold in our prayers, and sacrificial in our generosity. The cause of Christ demands nothing less.”

Read more about the sacrificial legacy of Lottie Moon, a missionary to China in the mid-1800s. Curious why an offering is named after this tenacious little woman? Check out the blog article, “Lottie Moon: The Rebel I Want to Be” by Lori McDaniel.

Visit IMB.org/give to learn more about supporting Southern Baptist missionaries.