MissionInsite Demographics

Discovering your church’s ministry opportunities has never been easier. MissionInsite provides instant access to community information for the church via the MI System. The resource provides desktop, web-based access to demographic data for a variety of geographic levels.

Specialized demographic reports and maps can be generated for churches in Ohio by Charlotte Barbo. SCBO contracts with MissionInsite and Mapping Center for Evangelism and Scan/US to provide data for churches and church plants in the state.

The MI System provides church leaders with a new way to access demographic information. It moves beyond the static reports to a powerful “discovery tool” for exploration and “out of the box” thinking for church ministry, church planting, church growth and outreach.

The system also provides the ability for local churches to locate their church members and others affiliated with their church on a map. This is referred to as Congregant Plot. While there are a few things the user needs to learn, the system is designed to be user friendly and provides additional services not available from other systems.

Leaders of a church cooperating with the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio have free, unlimited access to MissionInsite. Cooperative Mission Program gifts of Ohio churches make possible a contract for use of the tool.

As many people in each church as need access to MissionInsite can register to use the tool. One individual in a church can be designated as “Church Administrator” to be able to upload the church membership list and access additional church assessment tools. An email request for a “Church Administrator” position must be submitted to Charlotte Barbo after the individual has registered to use MissionInsite.

The documents available for download from this page provide (1) Instructions for Ohio churches on How to Register with MissionInsite and (2) a MissionInsite SupportNet Guide which gives a synopsis of the HELPS available from the pull down menu after logging onto the resource, (3) simplified steps to creating reports in MissionInsite,and (4) a list of some additional demographic resources that may be helpful.

Please note that after registering for MissionInsite, an email will be sent. It may be necessary to wait 15 to 30 minutes before that email is received. It may be necessary to check the email spam or junk mail folders and authorize MissionInsite as a trusted source. Then use the activation code provided in the email and your password to log in to the MissionInsite system.

  • For your first run through the system, the predefined ExecutiveInsite report provides updated census data and a list of the largest MOSAIC lifestyle groups in the area.
  • A Mission Impact Guide can help with analysis of the effectiveness of the church in nine critical areas in reaching the largest MOSIAC lifestyle groups in the area (provided on page 13, ExecutiveInsite report).
  • The Quadrennium (Quad) Report gives data from religious and value-based surveys.
  • After church membership has been uploaded, the ComparativeInsite will give an easy to use, practical comparison of church membership and the community.
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