Resource Groups of the SCBO

The State Convention is divided into six Resource Groups offering a variety of resources to strengthen churches and start new churches.  Following is a list of those Resource Groups and a brief description of the ministries each group offers:

Led by the Executive Director of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio, some of the ministries of the Executive Resource Group include the following:

• Provides general coordination of the State Resource Team planning and budgeting for Mission Ohio
• Promotes Cooperative Program
• Provides demographic data to churches
• Coordinates funding for missionaries serving in Ohio 
• Publishes the Ohio Baptist Messenger bi-monthly 
• Hosts a New Pastor & Staff Orientation two times a year at the state office
• Offers Acts 1:8 challenge to assist churches in reaching its community and the world
• Assists churches during pastoral transitions with pulpit supply, interim pastors, and sharing resumes.

The Evangelism Resource Group encompasses Collegiate, Youth, Personal, and Church Evangelism.  Our goal is to model, mentor, and motivate individuals, churches, and Associations to obey the Great Commission. 

We provide training and resources in ministries such as:  
• Youth Ministry including camps at Seneca Lake Baptist Assembly, consultations, and works alongside Associational Youth Teams
• Collegiate Ministry, located on multiple campuses statewide, includes developing leaders, sending students out to serve, planting new churches, Bible Studies, Retreats/Advances, student summer and semester missionaries, and mission trips
• Personal witnessing (using tools such as) FAITH, Relay, Cross, Soularium, More to Life, The Most Important Thing, Share Jesus Without Fear, The Net, Taking Prayer to the Streets, Gospel tracts, Intentional CommunityEvangelism, Christian Apologetics, Simultaneous Revivals, etc. 

The Bible Teaching/Leadership Resource Group works to provide the most effective research, responses, resources, and relationships available to encourage and equip in the following areas:   

• Provides training for church leaders including pastors, worship/music, ministry staff, Sunday School, Discipleship Training, VBS, deacons, small groups, singles, and senior adults leaders
• Encourages and equips leaders in the following: Prayer and Spiritual Renewal; More and Better Disciples; More Healthy Churches; Discovering, Developing and Deploying Leaders; and Associational Strategies
• Provides individual coaching and customized training for pastor, leaders, and churches
• Offers E-quip, free online training for pastors and church leaders
• Maintains a Resource Lending Library for Bible Studies and resource material in many categories
• Organizes State Bible Drill for children from fourth through twelfth grades
• Offers assistance in church worship including: Praise Team Training, Choir Development, Multi-Media Worship Software, PA System Analysis and Consultation and much more...

The Missions Support & Mobilization Resource Group works to encourage, equip, and engage Ohio Southern Baptists to be On Mission in Ohio and beyond.

Missions Opportunities:
• Mission camps at Seneca Lake Baptist Assembly
• Mission Trips
• Annual Missions Offerings and Seasons of Prayer Ministry Opportunities
• Disaster Relief Ministries
• Deaf Ministry 
• Literacy Missions 

Women’s Ministry, mission opportunities woman to woman, is designed to bring women into relationship with Jesus and each other:
• Woman’s Missionary Union®
• Arab Women’s Ministries
• Ohio Christian Women’s Job Corps
• Lydia Homes of Hope  
• Spring & Fall Retreats

The Church Planting Resource Group works alongside Associational Missionaries in starting new churches across the state and supporting church planters in the following ministries:  

• Provides assessment and recruiting tools to identify potential church planters
• Provides “Basic Training for Church Planters” on E-quip, a free online training site
• Hosts a state-wide Church Planting Forum 
• Provides learning environments for church planters in group settings
• Provides information on prayer vigils, etc. for enhancing church planting
• Provides funding assistance for church planters
• Provides mentor training for mentors of new church planters
• Provides training for future and current sponsor churches of new church plants
• Provides training and materials for African American church plants
• Provides training and materials for various language new church plants
• Provides access to monthly reporting system for church planters

The Church Services Resource Group includes Business Office, Accounting, Information Technologies, Print Shop and Production Services, and Buildings and Grounds. We provide business support to those who lead our State Office, Associational, and local ministries.  This support encompasses finances, insurances, travel, conference logistics, printing, and offices.   

• Receipts and disburses Cooperative Program funds
• Maintains Seneca Lake Baptist Assembly
• Enables the State Convention web and internet presence
• Secures all types of insurance coverage and vehicles for Convention and Associational personnel
• Assists local churches with pastor and staff compensation, taxation, and non-profit status information
• Encourages and assists state staff, Associational staff, and local pastors with GuideStone Financial Resources materials