Zone vs. Man-to-Man: Who's Your One?

Zone vs. Man-to-Man: Who's Your One?

April 8–ZONE VS. MAN-TO-MAN — from Radical Wisdom: A Daily Journey for Leaders by Regi Campbell

It’s rare that I have a BGI (Blinding Guiding Insight). Here’s one: We’ve gone “zone.” Jesus played “man-to-man.” When you play zone defense, you’re responsible for an area. Anyone who comes into your zone is your responsibility. In man-to-man, you’ve got a guy to track. A person. A face. You can study him. You can prepare for him. In the game, you know where he is and what he’s up to. He never gets out of your sight. Too often we play zone. Work, home, family, church, small group, Sunday school. I cover these zones well. If someone comes to my zone I’m ready, but I’m not looking to go out of my way to reach someone. Jesus played man-to-man. He broke all kinds of social mores by connecting with people one-on-one. The woman at the well, the rich young ruler, Zacchaeus, Matthew, on and on. Jesus didn’t just show up in His zone. Jesus didn’t just go teach His Sunday school class or lead His small group. He initiated. He connected with people the Father led Him to. He went man-to-man. I had lunch with the senior pastor of a megachurch. Thousands of people, hundreds of staff, millions of dollars. For forty-five years, this man has mentored a group of guys toward growth in their faith. He said, “If I had to choose between preaching on Sunday (zone) or doing these groups (man-to-man), I’d give up preaching!” Personally, I went man-to-man a number of years ago, and no other decision I’ve made has been more richly rewarded. Question Are you willing to go man-to-man? Ask God to show who He wants you to engage with and to give you the courage to initiate."

― from "Radical Wisdom - A Daily Journey For Leaders"

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Steve Hopkins