Ohio Southern Baptists Assist with Hurricane Florence response

Ohio Southern Baptists Assist with Hurricane Florence response

Before Hurricane Florence arrived on land in the Carolinas, Ohio Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry was on “alert”, meaning we will probably be asked to respond to the disaster.  Churches and associations were also determining how they could help with donations.  The Cincinnati Area Baptist Association and the Dayton Association issued a list of clean up type items, gift cards, and cash donation opportunities to their respective churches.  Their donation target date is set for the middle of October.  Items will then be picked up and taken to the disaster response area for use and distribution to those families affected by the hurricane.

Dublin Baptist Church contacted Sam Kelley, State Convention of Baptists in Ohio Disaster Relief Coordinator, and offered to collect items for two weeks.  Kelley asked no water be included in the items collected by the church (this request was also made to the associations collecting items as well).  These items were picked up by Kelley and his wife (Sherry) and taken to a warehouse in Washington, North Carolina.  The warehouse is a shared location by The American Red Cross and The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry.

JD Davis, Senior Pastor, Dublin Baptist Church had this to say:

Dublin Baptist Church is grateful to have the opportunity to partner with the Disaster Relief Ministry of the SCBO and other Disaster Relief teams across the SBC.  When it comes to times of large scale disasters, the needs are so great and the problems can be so overwhelming, that it is difficult to know how one person or one church can make a significant difference.  But that is what makes the Disaster Relief Ministry so effective.  As Southern Baptists we learned years ago that if every church gave a little, then as a denomination we could do a lot.  That is the heartbeat behind the Cooperative Program and it is the heartbeat of Disaster Relief.  Over the years of service and dedication, Disaster Relief has earned a spectacular reputation of being on site and helping with the needs of people when a disaster occurs.  I cannot think of a better ministry to support and work with following a hurricane than Disaster Relief.  We are glad to give a little and join with other churches doing the same.  Together we can have a profound impact on meeting the needs of those in the Carolinas and elsewhere that are suffering at this time.  Thank you Disaster Relief of the SCBO for allowing us to be a part of your ministry.

While at the warehouse, the volunteers there said a truckload of clean-up buckets came in the morning before and were gone by early afternoon.   More were being brought in by the American Red Cross, however the donations from Dublin Baptist Church included many items not included in the standard clean-up bucket and will provide additional much needed resources for the clean-up effort.  One item was a dehumidifier, for which a need had been identified earlier by our volunteers.  Praise the Lord for answered prayers.

Paul Pyle, Dublin Baptist Church made the following statement:

What a blessing to send disaster relief supplies to areas hardest hit by Hurricane Florence.  Thank you, Sam Kelley, SCBO, and Dublin Baptist for your God-filled, can-do, rapid-response.  There is still much more that can be done.  Please continue to pray for the millions of people whose lives have been forever changed in the aftermath of this storm.  And, as God leads, please give now to support the relief efforts. You can send a donation on-line through the North American Mission Board (NAMB). 

To do that, visit  www.namb.net   Once you at the NAMB website, immediately click on the 'How You Can Help'  icon and it will take you directly to the Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief page. Next, scroll down to the bottom and click on the word, 'GIVE'; then follow the prompts. God bless you as you pray and give!

Once you are at the NAMB website, immediately click on the ‘How You Can Help’ icon

If you prefer to donate to the Ohio Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry, please visit www.scbo.org/DR or use the hyperlink provided below...

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