Women's Resources

Missionsfest is open to men and women 18 and older. Familyfest is recommended for anyone first grade and older - perfect for families, adult teams, and student teams.

International Initiatives combines evangelism and social justice to change lives around the world.

Baptist Nursing Fellowship is a Christian organization for health-care professionals in partnership with WMU.  BNF is member-based, and there are annual dues. 

CWJC and CMJS seek to equip women and men for life and employment.

Share the gift of LOVE and the GOSPEL with a child in need this Christmas.

Pure Water, Pure Love is a ministry of WMU that provides water filters for missionaries.

WoldCrafts is the fair-trade division of WMU.  WorldCrafts and its local partners develop fair-trade businesses that provide sustainable income and offer eternal hope for impoverished people throughout the world.

New Hope Publishers is committed to providing books and other resources that challenge Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God.

Sue Stickel

Jean DiFilippo
Vice President

Additional Ohio WMU Officers and Contacts:

Recording Secretary - Jennie Ferrel
jferrel@neo.rr.com   419-709-3383

Adult Consultant - Mary Winks
nanawinks@horizonview.net 740-649-2025

GA Consultant - Sarah Beck  

RA Consultant - Bryan Carpenter  

Children/Preschool Consultant - Amanda Mishne  
samishne@gmail.com  614-425-1806

CWJC/CMJC Consultant - VJ Sanchez  
vjmccjc@gmail.com  614-445-6776

Associational leaders:

Buckeye Central Erie:  Jennie Ferrel  jferrel@neo.rr.com
Cincinnati Area:  Joanne Hopkins  jhopkins14@frontier.com

Greater Dayton:  Claudia Stiglich  cmstiglich@sbcglobal.net
Miami Valley:  Charly Callahan  charlycotton06@yahoo.com
Northcoast:  Jody Jones   jodyalltonjones@gmail.com
Northwest Ohio:  Teresa Bailey  tlb31@amplex.net

Scioto Valley:  Jean Difilippo  jeandifilippo@yahoo.com
West Central:  Barbara DeLorme  11kidsnanny@gmail.com

Resource Group: 
Missions (MSM)